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Front Entry Chandelier.

The chandeliers in our front entry and our dining room came with the home upon purchase. We do not know if they were the first and only chandeliers in the home, but based upon the cloth wiring, they certainly date to the same time period of our 1916 home. Due to the aforementioned cloth wiring, the chandeliers had to be fully rewired, a rather laborious undertaking due to the welded construction method used for the chandeliers. Anyways, they look happy back at home!

Today let’s take a look at the front entry chandelier.

Below: Chandelier back from being rewired. I was impressed with the stabilizing cradle they built to keep the chandelier safe during transport.



Below: A few close ups of the delicate floral and feather-like motifs.


Below: Reinstalled! To remember more about the newly installed front entry C.F.A. Voysey reproduction wallpaper please reference this previous post: Front entry and staircase.


Below: The next three pictures were taken upon purchase of the home (two years ago). The chandelier is in place. We removed and stored the chandelier during the renovation process both for protection and for the necessary rewiring.


Below: And here is the front entry today with the rewired chandelier back at home!


Below: Ballerina smiles!


Love and hugs,


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