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Dining Room.


Our dining room is essentially untouched, albeit fully rewired. The original over-sized square shape of the room feels intimate and yet accommodates large seated dinner parties.  Situated in the middle of the home, this is an approachable and usable dining room. The original plaster walls, oak floors, moldings, and chandelier lend a sense of grandeur and importance to the room without being stuffy or formal. It is a room to be lived in and dined in, a room to be loved, not a room to be roped off and used only once or twice a year. Our only additions to this room were the wallpaper and the French doors that open onto the new back patio.

Let’s take a quick walk back through the before, during, and after.

Below: Dining room upon purchase:


Below: Dining room during renovations.


Below: Dining room today.


Below: Dining room exterior during renovations.



Below: Dining room exterior today. I love having these doors open directly to the new covered patio. The doors add not only extra sunlight, but also a natural and easy way to flow from one entertaining area to another.


The dining room chandelier, big sister to the front entry chandelier, was recently rewired and is now back in place shining a warm light over our lovely suppers. I am still researching these magnificent chandeliers. They are both surprisingly light, as they are essentially hollow and made of thin metal pieces welded together. I will continue to research and keep you posted if I come up with their backstory.

Below: Here is the chandelier back from the electrician and ready to be reinstalled.



Below: And here the chandelier is back in place!



The wallpaper is another C.F.A. Voysey (English architect and designer 1857-1941) reproduction lovingly produced by David Berman of Trustworth Studios. This pattern from 1897 is entitled Bird and Rose. There is a deep peacefulness in this brief moment of nature captured forevermore. The intertwined soft greens, peaches, and blues come together in a pleasingly delicate pallete; as if we captured this moment as the sun began to rise on a fresh Spring morning.


Below: Here I am checking out the wallpaper choices months and months ago!


Below: A few months ago when the wallpaper arrived! Apparently my excitement rubbed off on the girls!


Below: Dining room before wallpaper.


Below: And now with wallpaper. Warm and inviting, elegant and graceful; a delightfully pleasant place to dine, reflect, reconnect, and enjoy the little moments of life.


Love and hugs,


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